CASES – Heup

Case 4
THP revisie na tijdelijke (6 maanden durende) bilaterale Girdlestone wegens uitgebreide hematogene sepsis door dermatologische therapie voor teeninfectie.
THP revision after 6 months lasting Girdlestone situation caused by prosthetic removal for bilateral hip sepsis following dermatological treatment of an infected bunion.

Situation of a reconstruction using a Zweymuller cup on the R side.This type of acetabular prosthesis was allowed by
the fact that the circumference of the acetabulum was intact.(fig.1,fig.4)
The absence of a firm anterior pillar of the acetabulum on the L side necessitated a reconstuction using BIOKANT bone splints, acrylate and a modified Burch-Shneider ring.(fig.3,fig.5,fig.6.)

Surgery and copyright L. Suda orth surgeon.